Risk Management

Risk Management Information

Your risk management is good for three years. Please go to our TEAM UTILITIES page to see if we have it on file and the listed expiration.  If the cell is blank, please present the approved risk management at the time of carding.

Click Here for a link to the Ohio South Risk Management website.

OPTION 1: Registration method by the use of the Affinity online process. *Preferred and typically the quickest method.
(Please plan appropriately as approval could take anywhere from 24hrs to  two weeks.)
OPTION 2: Registration method by the submission of fingerprints.
(Ohio BCI fingerprint method at your cost of $25-$50.)
OPTION 3: Registration method by the submission of a paper form to Ohio South. (Fee MUST be paid by the coach at the time of submission- cannot be carded until approval is received back from Ohio South)

Please note: All referees and coaches, 18 years or older, MUST REGISTER with the Ohio South Risk Management Program by using one of the above three methods.