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Transfer Procedures

The steps below include inter-club transfers (between two clubs) , intra-club transfers(transfers with in your club) , and any trap teams that need split. Also, any teams that need to be disbanded.

First complete transfer form and collect the player card.


Steps to transfer players out


For a player leaving one club and joining another, the process is as follows;

  1. The club the player is joining should have the parent/player register in their Demosphere system. The parent must use the same account as they did to register with the former club.
  2. The player is then assigned to their new team in the new club's Demosphere system (Registration Management Mode - not the State side), which already has an open sync to an Ohio South league.
  3. Once placed on their new team, and as long as the team has an open sync to an Ohio South league and the team is unlocked, the player will then appear in the State side for the new club with a CONFLICT status.
    1. This is because the player is now assigned to two different teams in the Ohio South system - something currently not allowed.
    2. Each team - leaving and joining - will have to be unlocked by its carding league at this point to reflect changes to the roster.
  4. By clicking on the Player Pool tab in the State side, the new club will be able to search for the player by name, or you may search for all players with a CONFLICT status by typing 'conflict' into the search bar.
  5. After finding the player in the Player Pool tab, you will see a blue Edit Club Player button (with a pencil icon) to the far right. Click the blue button.
  6. A window will open that asks if the new club would like to 'Request Club Transfer'. Click the orange 'Request Club Transfer' button to initiate the transfer for a player.
  7. Once clicked, the player status will again change:
  1. To TRANSFERRING OUT for the former club.
  2. From CONFLICT to TRANSFERRING IN for the new club.
  3. Each club and league involved in the transfer should receive an auto-generated email from the system that a transfer has been requested for the player and stating the club the player is leaving and joining. This email is sent to anyone added as a Club Official in the State side and given the 'Admin' permission.
  4. Once the league(s) involved have received the paperwork & card, they will approve the transfer in Demosphere.
  5. Once approved, each club and league involved in the transfer should receive an auto-generated email from the system that the transfer has been approved.
  6. The former club does nothing in Demosphere with the player leaving. They should remain assigned to the former team, and as long as the former team is unlocked, the system will update to reflect the change when the transfer is approved.



  • Unlike in our previous system, there is no dashboard report that identifies a full list of all transfers in or out of a club. We have brought this to the attention of Demosphere with the intention of getting that into place at some point. For the time being, utilizing the Player Pool tab in the state side is your best way to see who is coming or going. Use the search bar and search by 'TRANSFERRING IN', 'TRANSFERRING OUT', 'CONFLICT'.
  • Only the league the player is joining sees the transfer for approval, however it is vital that each league involved is kept in the loop (via email) in order to issue a new roster for the former team.
  • A team must be unlocked by the league in the State side in order for the player to reach the CONFLICT status and for the transfer to reflect accurately. This is done by the league(s).
  • For now, someone added as a Club Official in the State side for your club can stop receiving the automated emails by removing the 'admin' permission for said person. There is work being done to make transfers a separate permission down the road.
  • Paperwork is not required for a player joining a club from a recreational league.
  • The need for the automated email to identify the team a player is leaving and joining, along with the league name(s), has already been submitted as an enhancement.



The only difference here is that the player is already registered in your club system. All you need to do is assign (not move or remove from former team) the player to the new team. Then start from Step 3 above.