Referee FAQ

1. Q: How do I become a U.S.S.F. certified referee?

A: To become a U.S.S.F. certified referee, visit the Ohio South State Referee Committee website at . Click on “clinic” to view upcoming clinics. For new referees, you will need to attend an entry level course. To maintain you certification as a referee, you must attend a recertification clinic annually.

2. Q: Who is considered a “new” referee?

A: A new referee is someone who has not previously been certified as a U.S.S.F official or someone who has been previously certified but has not recertified as a referee in the past 2 years.

3. Q: How often do I need to recertify as a referee?

A: All referees need to attend a recertification class annually. Again, these classes can be found under the clinics tab on the OSSRC website at

4. Q: Do I need to register for the clinic I wish to attend?

A: As of now, you do not need to pre-register for re-certification clinics, simply show up for the class with your registration form. Follow the directions on called ‘Referee Registration Requirements” for more information on how to become certified or “Referee Re-Certification Procedures” to recertify. For entry level referee classes, please check the state referee association website at WWW.OSSRC.COM as to whether registration is required.

5. Q: How old do I need to be to become a referee?

A: The Ohio south State Referee Committee requires you be at 13 years old to become a grade 12 referee or higher and recommends that you be at least 14 years old to become a grade 8 referee.

6. Q: What is the difference between a grade 12 referee and a grade 8 referee?

A: A grade 12 referee certification allows you to work as an assistant referee only. A grade 8 referee certification allows you to work as both an assistant referee and a center referee.

7. Q: What do I need to do before I show up for my clinic?

A: Before you attend a referee clinic, it is required that you view and complete the modules specified for your particular clinic. There are different modules for different levels.

Entry level clinics require that new referees complete and successfully pass the online training section. The online training certification can be found at Click on the brown and yellow banner titled “Click here for the USSF online training” then follow the instructions.

Recertification modules “A-B” are for newer referees who received their initial referee certification 3 years or less ago. These referees need to attend a Module “A” clinic.

Recertification modules “C-D” are for referees who received their initial certification more than 4 years ago. These referees need to attend a Module “C” clinic.

8. Q: Where can I find the modules?

A: All modules, entry level and recertification, can be found at

9. Q: How old do I have to be to referee in M.O.S.S.L games?

A: To be able to referee in M.O.S.S.L. games, you must be 13 years old. You must be at least a grade 8 referee.

10. Q: What do I need to do to referee in M.O.S.S.L. games?

A: There are 3 steps to referee in M.O.S.S.L. games or to renew your online referee M.O.S.S.L. account and become active to take online game assignments.

1. Log on to the M.O.S.S.L. website at In the left hand column in the yellow box under “REFEREE” click on “MOSSL referee availability form & reports”. Fill out the form and submit. A MOSSL referee availability form must be completed prior to or during each Fall and each Spring season you want to referee in MOSSL for that season.

2. Log on to and click on the “Referee” tab at the top. Select “Referees List” and search your last name in the search box. Your name must be listed here to be able to referee for M.O.S.S.L. games. If it is not, please contact OSSRC District III referee administrator to find out why you are not listed.

3. If you are going to be 18 or older in the upcoming year of refereeing, you must fill out the risk management form, which can be found at:

While filling out the form, please be sure to select District 3 Referee from the pull down options when asked for your league. Approved Risk Managements are good for three years and must be renewed in the fall of the year of expiration

11. Q: What do I do after I have followed the 3 steps listed above?

A: After you have followed these steps, M.O.S.S.L. will update your information in the online referee database. As a new referee, you will receive an automated password that will be sent to the primary email address listed on the referee availability form. That email address is your username to log in to take M.O.S.S.L. games. As a returning referee, once your information has been updated, you will be able to log in using your previously assigned password.

12. Q: How do I log in to the online referee system to take games?

A: Go to In the yellow boxes on the left hand side, click on “Referees”. Then choose “M.O.S.S.L. Online Referee Assignment System”. This will bring you to a log-in page and ask for your username and password. You will not be able to access your referee account until it has been activated. M.O.S.S.L. referee accounts are not activated until the season’s schedule has been posted.

13. Q: What if I forgot my password?

A: If you have forgotten your password, follow the steps previously stated to get to the log-in page. On this page you will find an option to click “HERE” to have your password sent to you. You will need your primary email/username information.

14. Q: What should I do after I log in?

1. Verify that the Referee Account information is accurate under the My Account tab at the top. Please edit details as necessary (address, telephone numbers, email, etc) so that they are as accurate as possible. Under this tab you are also able to change your password if you choose.

2. You are responsible for taking your own games and making your own schedule!

The Open Games tab will lead you to the entire database of available games. When you find the game you want to referee, select your name from the pull down menu.

The My Schedule tab is where you will find your list of games you have signed up for. Please check your schedule on a routine basis. Please remember that occasionally games do get rescheduled. It is in your best interest as the referee to check your schedule daily to avoid any issues.

15. Q: What should I do if my game is cancelled?

A: If your game gets cancelled for any reason, you will receive an automated email from the online assignment system. You will automatically be dropped from that game. If you are able to referee the game on the rescheduled date, time or field location, it is your responsibility to log in to the M.O.S.S.L. system and take the game again. M.O.S.S.L. does not assume that just because you were available for the original game, that you will also be available for the rescheduled game. If another referee signs in and takes the game before you are able to, it is now their game.

*Also check to see if there is an open game still available for the location, date and time to replace your cancelled game.

16. Q: Why can’t I take the game I want?

A: If you are unable to sign up for a game there is a reason. You are either already signed up for a game that is scheduled at the same or overlapping time and you are attempting to take another game that conflicts with your already scheduled game OR you are not rated at the level required to referee that game. If you have questions regarding your assigned referee level, please email Jim Sturm at

17. Q: What if I am signed up for a game and I am now unable to fulfill my obligation?

A: If you have signed yourself up for a game, and it is more than 7 days before that date, you may take yourself off the game without restriction or penalty. If the game is within 7 days before the date of the game, it is your responsibility to referee that game, or find someone else who can. You may click the red “X” on your schedule, however this does not release you from the game until another referee takes your place.

18. Q: Why do I keep getting emails from the M.O.S.S.L. online system?

A: Every night the online system will send out emails to active referees, containing a master list of games that need one or more referee assignments in the next 10 days. If you are able to take a game(s) from the email, you need to follow the procedure of logging in to the M.O.S.S.L. Referee Assignment System and selecting your name from the pull down menu. Every Sunday the online system will send out a master list of games that need one or more referee assignments. Every Sunday the online system will send you a list of the games that you have taken for the rest of the season.

19. Q: What do I do if a parent rep/coach contacts me to take a game on short notice?

A: If you are contacted last minute and are available to referee a game, that’s great! You still need to log on to the online referee system and put your name in the pull down menu. The referee that is listed in the system is the referee that is responsible for the game! It is possible that in the time referees are being contacted via phone or email, that another referee has logged online and also taken that game. Please be sure to take the game online and not simply accept the game via email or over the phone to avoid any confusion.

20. Q: How can I contact other referees?

A: An email will be sent from the online system with information on how to contact other referees, 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the season.

* The MOSSL Bylaws can be found at WWW.MOSSL.ORG under “MOSSL Info” then “Bylaws & Constitution”.

* If you have any other questions AFTER you have read this Referee Q & A about being a U..S.S.F. referee, please email OSSRC District III referee administrator .

* If you have any other questions AFTER you have read this Referee Q & A about being a referee for M.O.S.S.L. games please email MOSSLREF@AOL.COM.