Game Schedule

The tentative game change period has ended. Coaches and Team Admins should refer to their emails for access to the Google version of their schedules.

Password Protected Pages:
SPRING 2018 by Division, with Referee Assignments & Referee Contact information
Coaches and Team Admins will have access to the game change request system, scoring system, and game cards via the link above. Please view this SPRING 2018 NEW ADMIN GUIDE for more details!
Record Game Scores
Note:  Both teams must input the final game scores withing 48 hours of the game. Winning team must mail the game score to the MOSSL office.  If the game is a tie, then the home team mails in the game card. The game card must be mailed within 24 hours.
Referee Assigning System – Referee Log-In
Coaches and Team Contacts
Note: You will need a username and password to enter any of the above sections. Contact your coach to attain this information.

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League Standings
MOSSL Field Maps
MOSSL Bylaws
MOSSL Constitution
Lightning and Hazardous Weather Policies
Note: The above “Public Pages” may be viewed by anyone.
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