Game Schedule

The tentative game change period has ended. Coaches and Team Admins should refer to their emails for access to the Google version of their schedules.

Password Protected Pages:
Spring 2017 by Division, with Referee Assignments & Referee Contact information
**Team admins/coaches use this link to verify referees and schedules**

**Please use the generic user name and password that was sent to each coach, team contact, club admin and DOC**
Record Game Scores
Note:  Both teams must input the final game scores withing 48 hours of the game. Winning team must mail the game score to the MOSSL office.  If the game is a tie, then the home team mails in the game card. The game card must be mailed within 24 hours.
Referee Assigning System – Referee Log-In
Coaches and Team Contacts
Note: You will need a username and password to enter any of the above sections. Contact your coach to attain this information.

Public Pages:
League Standings
MOSSL Field Maps
MOSSL Bylaws
MOSSL Constitution
Lightning and Hazardous Weather Policies
Note: The above “Public Pages” may be viewed by anyone.
For Office Use Only
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